the emergence of Web3 capabilities

How ScieNFT has the potential to optimise scientific publishing.?

ScieNFT Articles Jul 4, 2023

It only makes sense that the tools used to publish cutting-edge research should be innovative in their own right. Web3 tools provide an ideal framework for streamlining scientific research publication while helping quality research reach a broad audience.

While the current model of research publication has successfully shepherded scientific discourse for the last few hundred years, there is room for improvement in this industry. It is true that journal-based systems of scientific publishing provide researchers with platforms and prestige; furthermore, the traditional research publishing system has been seminal in the diffusion of science and establishing a peer-review framework that ensures objectivity and scientific robustness.

However, the emergence of Web3 capabilities - such as blockchain technology, decentralised storage and NFTs - allow a completely new, complementary publishing framework to blossom. In the Web3 landscape, science can be shared dynamically, with a decentralised publication system bringing efficiency and equity to research production.

ScieNFT is a new scientific open source publishing space where curators can easily create their own decentralised journals using web3 technologies. ScieNFT efficiently disseminates research to a global audience, facilitates transparent scientific debate, and opens new channels of funding to knowledge producers.