ScieNFT meeting with Alexandre G. Lellouch M.D, PhD.

Connecting with Experts: A ScieNFT Encounter

Sep 8, 2023

In our ongoing mission to facilitate knowledge sharing, we recently had the pleasure of meeting Alexandre G. Lellouch M.D, PhD. from Maison Abeille , an esteemed professional in the field of plastic surgery.

Dr. Lellouch, in front of his extensive collection of diplomas and international scientific publications (>70) has devoted his career to advancing plastic surgery and patient care.
We're pleased to welcome him as part of the ScieNFT community!

During our meeting, we assisted Alexandre G. Lellouch M.D, PhD. in creating his first NFT and setting up his ScieNFT account.

With ScieNFT, professionals like Alexandre G. Lellouch M.D, PhD.. can digitize and potentially monetize their research, giving them new avenues for sharing their work with a global audience.

Our conversation explored the possibilities and opportunities that digital platforms like ScieNFT can offer to experts in various fields. We believe in providing a platform where knowledge can be effectively shared and accessed.

We're excited about the insights and contributions he may bring. Stay tuned for more updates from our growing network.