What is ScieNFT

What is ScieNFT

The ScieNFT team has been working hard to bring you an open-science, web3 platform tailored to the scientific community’s needs. What does all that mean?

It means ScieNFT is…

Open-Science. We believe that the faster and farther information is spread, the better. That’s why our platform combines open-science philosophies with web3 technology, making a world of information available to all in a way that benefits those knowledge creators.

Decentralized. We use the InterPlanetary Filing System and the Filecoin Network to ensure that anything uploaded to our platform will always be safe and accessible.

Extensive. We welcome any materials that contribute to scientific discussion. Upload finished papers as preprints, materials you’ve published elsewhere, negative results, grants, data sets, art, lectures, educational materials, and more.

Equitable. We are dedicated to compensating scientists for their work (including peer-reviewing and curating) and helping researchers pursue new types of funding. Incorporating NFT technology into our platform lets us ensure that those who use our platform always control their rights to their work, even as they profit from NFT sales.

Most importantly, ScieNFT is launching ! Our beta-testing phase is about to begin, so stay tuned for more information about opportunities for early adopters, and get ready to start uploading.

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